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  1. Return to Goodwill: June 2014

    June 30, 2014 by SavvyInTheCity


    My friend and former coworker Veronica moving back to Atlanta from DC was a great reason to 1) get together and catch up 2) explore Buford Highway* eating and 3) thrift. I went with Veronica Goodwilling just before she moved a year and a half ago and she's been hooked since. Shocking but I think I've only been to Goodwill once or twice since I had Margot 13 months ago, and one of those times was to look at gently used baby books. Oy. #ThingsChange

    We decided to meet at a place we'd both heard a lot about but hadn't experienced firsthand: White Windmill Bakery's original/main location on Buford Highway. We had no idea quite how fabulous this Korean bakery and cafe would be! Wow. The spacious and updated cafe featured close to 40 types of fresh breads (all with samples handy!!) include chocolate croissaints, mochi bread, sugared doughnuts with sweet rice, toasted bread with green tea cream cheese, sausage bread and more. The flavors ranged from sweet to savory and featured all kinds of spices from curry to cinnamon brown sugar and back again. We each sampled 10+ breads. Okay, it  may have been closer to 20.



    We also spied gorgeous desserts in the icebox: macaroons, fruit tarts, tiramisus, etc. Yum.

    IMG_0558 IMG_0559


    Time to order.

    When the cashier heard it was our first time, he said something to the effect of, "this time, just try a million things; next time you're here, you can buy something."

    We didn't listen. We each brought a chocolate almond croissant twist bread (would serve 2-3 people for under $4) of sorts to take home, and I nabbed a cheesy sausage bread ($2.50) to enjoy with coffee. Veronica's frozen blended vanilla latte was incredible. (I wanted to get a breakfast sandwich but they don't serve them on Sundays. No biggie.)



    Yum… we will definitely be back. I could see myself stopping by here en route to work to pick up treats for colleagues. Forget Alon's or the other (more expensive) bakeries/cafes. I'm hooked on White Windmill. Not to mention it's right by my fave Treat Your Feet foot massage joint. Hehe.

    White Windmill Bakery & Cafe
    5881 Buford Hwy.
    Doraville, GA 30340
    (770) 234-0914

    From there we headed over to the Northlake-area (Lavista Road) Goodwill location. Veronica hadn't been to this one before. You may have read on my blog that the Buford Highway and Lavista Road locations are my favorite two Goodwills in town. Both are consistently clean, organized and most importantly stocked with many quality items.

    Once inside, Veronica noticed that much like the BuHi location, the store had J. Crew, Banana Republic and Loft aplenty. We tag teamed and scored big (it's always good to shop with a friend… they may spot things you missed, and you can tell each other what sizes and styles to be on the lookout for).

    While I can't remember my WHOLE stash off-hand, it went about something like this:

    • Neon pink and grey striped dress (likely will be a swimsuit coverup) – name brand not memorable
    • Navy polka dot cotton dress (wore today to a Fourth of July neighborhood party!) – name brand not memorable
    • Black bandage dress (formal) for my mom: Trina B. (tags still on! Found the same dress on eBay for $70!)
    • Red cocktail dress with pockets(!) for my sister Anna: French Connection
    • Chambray mini polka dot shirt dress: Mossimo (Target)
    • Black prom dress with sequins, black peals and puffy shoulders (will likely sell on eBay)
    • A few things for Margot: pair of leggings, red sweater (18 months – perfect for the fall) and a white/pink striped, long-sleeved PJ
    • Long, fun pendant necklace (kind of cross shaped with crystals in the center – cooler than described)
    • Total damage: $61





    Veronica also racked up big time.

    • Python career or date night dress: White House Black Market
    • Black lightweight dress with neckline detail: Mossimo (Target)
    • Chambray shirt (didn't note brand)
    • Pink button up career or weekend shirt (can't remember the brand but it was something good, maybe J. Crew?)
    • Navy and white nautical dress (probably will be a swimsuit cover up, maybe in Croatia!)
    • Clarks wedges (probably worn once! Leather!)
    • Grand total: Around $50 (I failed at taking good notes today)


    Great finds!

    Northlake Goodwill
    3983 Lavista Road
    Tucker, GA 30084

    Thanks, Veronica, for meeting up and for giving me inspiration to blog for the first time in forever!

    *Buford Highway is a great stretch of Atlanta with every type of cuisine you can imagine (as well as other off-the-beaten-path clothing and jewelry shops, foot massage spas, ethnic grocery stores and more). Some places are divey; others are a little more mainstream in their appeal. Buford Highway is a gem.

  2. Can’t Stop Wearing My New Specs (and Reader Promo Code for You!)

    September 27, 2012 by SavvyInTheCity


    A few weeks ago I was contacted by with the offer to review their glasses*. The online perscription glasses vendor asked me not just to review the glasses themselves, but the whole ordering/customer service process.

    I’ve been committed to only reviewing products that fit with my blogs content — so considering that I’ve been a regular unpaid reviewer of Zenni Optical’s eyeglasses, it seemed appropriate that I accept this mission.

    How it works: GlassesUSA allows you to shop by many attributes including frame type, style, material or shape. Unlike Zenni, GlassesUSA offers a variety of name brand/designer frames. I definitely spent some time oggling over the creations of Tom Ford, GUESS, Lacoste and Kenneth Cole. (For perspective, Kenneth Coles on ranged from $99 to $140, which is a good chunk less than one would pay at, say, your neighborhood brick and mortar shop (e.g., Lens Crafters). These really reasonable prices include basic lenses.

    The site also has a huge number of non-branded, trendy and classic glasses — meaning there’s a really solid number of choices. 


  3. Happy Father’s Day!

    June 17, 2012 by SavvyInTheCity


    Is it wrong that I bought my dad a binocular flask for Father's Day? I mean, aren't practical gifts the best kind?

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

    I've been enjoying Facebook posts today giving homage to lots of longtime and new dads.

  4. Private Party

    December 20, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity


    Last week I was invited to stop by an open house at the home of Dolma Pearl's founder, Ashley Logsdon.

    What's better than shopping for beautiful jewelry while sipping on a most divine glass of egg nog*? Nothing, really! If you are a fan of jewelry (especially of the pearl variety), check out Dolma. I went to shop for others… and ended up shopping a lot for myself (whoops!).

    I came home with this gorg bracelet (along with some fun earrings):

    Just awful iPhone photos. I'm sorry.

    While I'm happy with my purchases, I still have these Dolma items on my wishlist (more lovely photos "borrowed" from the Dolma website):

    "Alaska in white"
    necklace ($95)

    "Billy Goat in white" necklace ($99)

    "Marzipan" necklace ($135)

    "Cinnamon in Silver" bracelet ($55)

    *I'm told the secret to the egg nog was adding both dark rum and white chocolate liqueur. Yum! Thanks to Dolma vice president Shannon for sharing this recipe!

  5. Aviators! (Affordable Sunnies)

    October 6, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity


    It's a surreal day.

    I'm writing this post from my Mac notebook computer. I can't believe we've lost the innovator, software genius and technology mastermind behind Apple. He helped create thousands of devices, computers, apps and more. It's hard to believe the man was only 56 years old. He revolutionized the way we live and work… even down to the way I blog… RIP, Mr. Jobs.

    Well, before I found out the sad news about Apple's founder, I decided I wanted to tell you guys about my new sunglasses.

    Trivial, I know, but sometimes a good deal can at least cheer me up a little.

    I'd been in the mood for a new pair of sunnies for quite sometime. Unfortunately for me, I can't just buy any sunglasses. I've been a prescription lenses wearer for distance vision for about the last three years, which means I can't wear any just ole sunglasses. For driving, sight seeing, etc… I need to see, and that means I need prescription sunglasses.

    Good news for me (and maybe for you?): Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical is a reliable/affordable-probably-made-in-China-kind-of-resource for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. It's pretty much the bomb. (See my previous posts about Zenni Optical glasses here.) I'm talking these sunglasses-cost-me-$22-kind-of-sunglasses.

    Anyhoo, these thingamajigs really did only cost me $22, which included the frames, tinting, anti-reflective coating and shipping*. Tell me that's not a great deal! Some of the glasses are even a good chunk less expensive than that.

    Check out traditional, funky, fashion and sunglass frames at Here are a few looks from their site:

    (and they have dude glasses, too, btw)

    *Zenni glasses are the bomb… but they do take about 3 weeks to be manufactured, shipped and delivered.