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  1. Chunky Jewelry Fashion Friday Recap

    December 30, 2013 by SavvyInTheCity


    So… Margot was feeling a little crummy a few Fridays ago when I set Fashion Friday to be chunky jewelry themed. So I worked from home and took her to the doctor (nothing to be concerned about: just that standard daycare baby congestion). That meant I didn't get to take pictures of/with coworkers of our chunky jewelry!

    Here's the necklace I wore from home that day though, styled a few different ways. It was a gift a few Christmases ago, picked up by my mother-in-law at a great shop in Panama City, Florida, called (naturally) "The Florida House." They have a great online boutique to check out as well. This is one of my favorite necklaces (chunky or otherwise).


    My sister Katie's wedding in May 2012 (yes, our family is so big that we started to repeat names). One shoulder chocolate Jessica Simpson satin dress is from eBay (new – $35). I've gotten a lot of wear out of this dress. Spray tan (something I do about twice a year for special occasions) from Raw Bronzing Studio here in Atlanta.


    With Dan in late November (2013). Photo credit Meg Davidson Photography. We love Meg! She's a great, Atlanta-based photographer who does very laid back family and baby photos. Dress is Apartment 9 from Kohl's (a gift from my mom two Christmases ago that I still wear often).


    With my mother-in-law Claire in April 2013 while I was pregnant with Margot. She gifted me with the necklace! I'm wearing an Old Navy maternity dress that I also found on eBay (for $30 new). One of my favorite maternity pieces.

    Hope you all had lovely Christmas breaks!

  2. Fun Fashion Friday: Animal Print

    December 12, 2013 by SavvyInTheCity


    You voted Animal Print as the theme for the most recent Fun Fashion Friday (aka Audience Particpation Friday).

    My seven-month-old daughter Margot even joined the fun.


    (I'm sporting a denim shirt, black skinny pants from the GAP, black andkle booties and my leopard infinity scarf from my favorite affordable accessories place in town: Hurs!)

    Leopard infinity scarves were all the rage.

    And animal pattern accessories made an appearance (see La's bracelet)!

    This Friday we're going with funky/bold jewelry (as requested by Vica).

    Do you want to play? Send pictures to

  3. Two Weeks of Fun Fridays: Fun Frames & Knits

    November 26, 2013 by SavvyInTheCity


    The ladies of* decided we would keep up the fun and have another Fun Fashion Friday theme.


    Two weeks ago we opted for a "Fun Frames Friday" vibe.


    I picked up these funky frames a few years ago from online discount eyewear super store Zenni Opitcal (that's me on the far right). Mike and La pulled theirs from the video prduction team's prop closet. Ha!

    This past Friday it was knit wear. I'd say we had a pretty good sampling… scarves, vests, a cape, cardigan, etc. Another boy even participated inadvertently!



    So what do you think we should do next? Vote it up… and feel free to participate long distance and share your pictures!

    UPDATE (Wednesday, December 4)! If you want to participate from afar, the winning theme for Friday is ANIMAL PRINT! Rrrar!

    *The views expressed via my blog are my own and are by no means the opinions of my employer. This blog is unaffiliated with my day job.

  4. Travel Wear (Audience Participation Friday)

    May 6, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity

    What do you wear when you travel?
    (This photo from The Fanny Pack Blog. I think I love the cargo jean shorts more than the fanny pack!)

    Audience Participation Friday (APF) is back!

    My recent trip to Detroit inspired a "What do you wear when you travel?" edition:

    Here's Julia: "I know some choose to dress up for flights but I chose to be a bit more casual. Recently, I've been living on a round trip flight from DTW to ATL and comfort is the way to go.  Usually, I will wear a pullover and a pair of yoga pants. Patrick (my future intended) still
    chooses to dress up, so we make a funny looking pair." — Looking fit, bb!

    Paul (my 'lil bro, who is much taller than I am now!) went traditional on a recent trip to Disney. Simple tee, comfy khaki shorts, rocking the Newbies on the feet.

    Also Paul, but a little change of pace ("traveling" from Athens, Georgia, to Atlanta for the Lady Gaga concert).

    And here's the fabulous Miz Mb:

    Mb in Toyko, Japan: "Much like [Katy], I'm a crossbody bag kind of girl. They are way more comfortable for travel. Strangely though, I'm a I-hate-pants kind of girl. I just cant stand jeans, or trying to fit into a pair of pants after stuffing myself with the local food, which- let's face it- is why I travel in the first place. I usually opt for comfy, loose dresses like the one in this picture. Topped off with a cardi for warmth and a pair of flats for comfy walking. Also- I love this pic cause this was taken after not having seen my lil bro for 8 months when he moved to Japan. He was our tour guide and at the time was sporting gear from a Tokyo thrift shop. Cuteness"

    I would show you all a picture me in travel gear from our honeymoon in Italy… oh wait, I lost my camera… so instead here's a picture from a trip to California last year:

    Me in Santa Barbara, CA, last August (with Dan's gorgeous Aunt Cath). This blazer of sweatshirt material is a favorite item for traveling because it's comfy, doesn't wrinkle, makes an excellent pillow on a plane and is a neutral (grey goes with anything/everything!). I'm also pseudo-obsessed with this knock-off pashmina – it goes on the road with me often. Lastly, this cobalt blue clutch is great for trips – it goes with almost any color, and it's just the right size to fit a camera, phone, chapstick, etc.  p.s. I am wearing shorts – some comfy, green J. Crew ones.


    Happy Friday, my friends!

    – Katy