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October, 2009

  1. Impressed by a Celebrity

    October 31, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    (Love this! You better believe that if/when we have kids, we’ll be doing Craig’s List furniture and EUC clothes…)

    “EBAY. I’m a pro! When I shop for baby clothes, it’s NWT (new without tags) or EUC (excellent used condition). There’s nothing about gently used baby clothes that’s gross to me”

    — Eastwick star Rebecca Romijn tells People magazine about her web obsession

  2. Your Favorite Items Under $20

    October 30, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    Not a bad response for the first “Audience Participation Friday.” And would you believe that some dudes even responded? Awesome. I’m also impressed that many of your items were even under $10. I asked what your favorite items under $20 were — and here’s what you had to share:

    Miz Mb sent in a casual dress she picked up from the GAP for $20. She even shows how to wear her piece more than one way. “I love it because it’s a light soft fabric that can blend well into any season. It has a comfortable neckline and cinched waist that makes it flirty, and is something I can dress up or down.” — Mira (D.C.)

    (Mira continued): “I can wear is bare-legged with flip flops or with tights, boots, and a matching scarf. It’s easy to dress this wardrobe staple down or up. Last night I wore this dress with green tights and a grey cardigan before going to [my boyfriend’s] to watch TV. Before leaving, I ditched the cardigan for my black fall jacket since it was chilly.” (Loving the fun tights, girl)

    Totally an old navy baseball-style shirt. $5 and really comfy.” — Greg (Atlanta)

    It is definitely the black/white check sleeveless shirt that I bought with you at a thrift store … I wear it about once a week – summer, winter, spring, fall … in colder weather I wear it under a cardigan. And it cost less than $5!” — Lou a.k.a. my mom (Columbus)

    It has to be my new Levi’s from Urban Outfitters. They are button-fly and boyfriend baggy style. I found them on the sale rack and they just happened to be my size! I was very pleased to pay $19 for them. I think they’re reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston’s causal style you’ll often see in People magazine.” — Anna (Dahlonega)

    “my game day jersey… i got it on ebay and i wont leave the house on a notre dame saturday without it. $5!!!” — Alan (Warner Robbins)

    Alan enjoys dinner in his $5 Notre Dame Jersey from eBay (a great place to find sports items for cheap!)

    Budget friendly fashion diva Olivia had a tough time picking which <$20 item was her favorite so she sent three.

    Oooh! I love these Nine West booties O. picked up for $19.99.

    Olivia’s Barclay square velvet jacket (thrifted in Nashville for $6)

    This item wasn’t just under $20, it was free! Olivia gets a lot of use out of this fabulous leather jacket her mom wore in high school.

    For me, I would say the Armani Exchange jacket/blazer I picked up at Goodwill a few months back. It seems to be so versatile (works with jeans, slacks, dresses, etc.). I also feel like the fabric is rather season neutral. And it was $5.59!

    For next week: What’s your idea of a fun date night (or daytime activity) that costs less than $25? (Yes, I realize that photos may be tougher for this one — but try away!). Send your submissions to by Wednesday, November 4.


  3. Store Credit

    October 29, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    Mistake #1: buying a pair of different sized shoes on Saturday.

    Mistake #2: talking on the phone and browsing the racks before trying to return the shoes.
    Smart move/mistake #3: finding some awesome items before turning in the sad, unmatching shoes.
    Thank goodness they gave me store credit. The shoes would have been a $12 money pit. Hell, who am I kidding? I probably would have bought the below items anyway. (Turns out it was an even exchange — and I still ended up with a pair of burgundy shoes to wear with my new burgundy tights.)

    Vest: vintage (no tag) with purple lining
    Shoes: Aerosoles (never worn)
    Button-up: Docker’s (barely worn… and it hopefully it will remedy my failure shirt situation from last Friday)

    Rats. I went to return my shoes and drafted this post before I saw Traci’s comment that her restaurant recommendation (Panahar) is in the same shopping center as the BuHi Goodwill. Boo!

  4. Something to Look Forward to

    October 28, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    I popped into the LaVista Road/Northlake Goodwill tonight to return my two different sized shoes only to see an unfamiliar layout. “This isn’t how the shoes were arranged on Saturday, I thought to myself…”

    Well, they weren’t arranged that way on Saturday because I wasn’t at the Northlake Goodwill on Saturday! I was at the Buford Highway one. Doh!
    I went ahead and asked the gal behind the jewelry/high-end purse counter what I should do about my mismatched shoes. She is pretty sure I can take them back and point out the different sizes… for at least store credit. I’m enough of a regular that store credit is fine with me.
    While I was there, I went ahead and a quick drive-by of the dress section. This blue and beige safari-ish print dress was calling my name. I didn’t try it on (too much in a hurry to get to the DeKalb Farmer’s Market) but when I saw it’s collar and belted waist, I knew I had to have it. I’ll look forward to wearing Merona (Target) dress when the warmer weather shows up (April?). Since I was checking out at the jewelry counter, I picked up a dark green, lucite bead necklace that ought to pair well.
    Nine bucks ain’t bad for a dress and a coordinating accessory. Now if I could just find time to swing by the other Goodwill and fix this shoe situation….

    And remember to send in your submissions for Audience Participation Friday! What’s your favorite item in your closet that was under $20? Send to (and pictures are encouraged!).

  5. Goodwill: For Those Afraid, Intimidated or Grossed Out…

    October 27, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    (Part two of the consignment shopping excursion…)
    I dedicate this post to all the folks out there who think that Goodwill doesn’t have things that fit within these descriptors:
    • Cute
    • Trendy
    • New
    • Modern
    We were on our way to Roswell Road location Alexis Suitcase when our plans were derailed — derailed in a good way! I got a call from my brother’s girlfriend Becca. She was a little behind in grabbing a costume for a Halloween party on Saturday night. She said she knew I was familiar with the local thrift and secondhand and wanted to know if I could do a little shopping with her. Little did she know that we were out-and-about on a similar path. 
    So, Lauren and I switched gears a bit from checking out higher-end secondhand shops to seeing what was culminating at one of our local Goodwills. I’m glad we stopped by!

    Becca dug around for an SNL skit character costume while Lauren and I were distracted by the shoes. It was shoe jackpot day at the Buford Highway Goodwill. Either someone with really great taste passed away unexpectedly or a local fashionista unloaded a surplus of shoes right at our feet.
    Too bad most of the shoes were a size 5.5 and 6! But no joke, some of the shoes were brand new (no scuff marks to be found) and from fantastic designers ranging from Guess to Steve Madden. We also saw casual brand pairs (e.g., Old Navy) and some not-so-familiar names that happened to have fantastic looks. And all for under $15.00!

    If these shoes (or any pictured, for that matter, had been in my size, they would have been SO mine. Love love love).
    Lauren was trying to “behave” for the rest of the weekend in terms of spending (a decision that could rub off on many of us) so she made the decision to leave empty-handed. I felt like I had to leave with something (especially to make this particular blog post more fun) so I grabbed a pair of AWESOME red bootie stilettos. LOVE them.
    Too bad I was busy chatting and not thinking. I should have included this piece of advice in the thrift-shopping 101 guest post I wrote for the DC Goodwill Fashionista blog: always check both pairs of shoes before buying (to see if they’re the same size, still have sound structural integrity, etc.)…
    That’s right. When I got home, I realized one of the shoes was a size 8 (fit) and the other was a 7. Super lame. Argh. I’m so disappointed. I had big plans for these shoes! I was going to wear my new burgundy tights with them… and pair them with fun black dresses or patterns. Oh well. It’s over.

    Moving on. At least I snagged this fun pair of earrings and this silver brooch (it looks gold but it’s silver). I’d love to find a rhinestone brooch to go with my new My Sister’s Closet dress, but this brooch MAY work with that purple or beige satin ribbon that I’m envisioning.

    Take that people who don’t think that they could ever shop at the likes of a Goodwill or Salvation Army… Give it a shot, ladies and gents!
    Goodwill was great as always — and Lauren and I delay our gratification for Alexis Suitcase until her next visit. Hey, it never hurts to spread out the spending, right?
    Oh, and of course it seemed like a good idea to polish off our shopping with a little Yogurt Tap action. Mmmm. The caramel apple (tasted more like apple pie) was delish.