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December, 2009

  1. Playing New Year’s Eve Dress-Up with Lindsay

    December 30, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    On Monday afternoon, I received a fun e-mail from my friend Lindsay (addressed to me and another girlfriend):

    “Alright ladies, I am waaaay too excited about NYE this coming weekend and I would love some style advice. Any chance I can ambush you two before Thursday night for wardrobe help? I am willing to travel with armfuls of clothing….”

    So on Tuesday night, I headed over to Lindsay’s to play a little New Year’s Eve dress up. Lindsay wondered which of three or four outfits would be best for our little holiday party, and also wanted feedback on how to best accessorize.

    So here’s what she tried on:

    A black, one-shoulder dress purchased from Express recently as a “New Year’s Eve” outfit contender. Paired with red heels and a thick, black, stretchy belt.

    Same dress, same heels but now with a thin, silver/gold rhinestone-studded belt (also from Express).
    Now with booties.

    Up close of the new, rhinestone belt.

    Another accessory option: a sparkly headband.

    Thick belt, one-shoulder dress… now with black, peep-toe heels.

    Another dress to consider: a whimsical blue, dyed halter dress (originally worn for a friend’s wedding). Shown with black peepies.
    An elegant looking red silk/chiffon-blend looking dress… originally a longer bridesmaid’s dress (gasp!). Again with the black peep-toed heels.
    And lastly, a pink satin/silky top with a black pencil skirt, and the black heels. The skirt is part of a suit.

    Can you guess which of the “looks” she decided to wear?

    (scroll down)

    (keep scrolling)

    (just a little more)

    (almost there!)

    You probably guessed it! The black one-shoulder number with the thick belt (plus black heels and a sparkly headpiece). It was decided that while the other dresses and shoe combinations were cute, this dress was especially flattering and the most fitting for the occasion, season, etc.
    Lindsay’s going to be a knockout at the NYE party!

    Maria, we missed you at our little dress-up party!

  2. Need Your Help: What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

    December 30, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    I was really sure about what to wear on New Year’s Eve… until I hung out with my friend Lindsay last night and saw all her cute attire options. (I will post about that in a bit… we had a great time playing dress up!)

    So now I need your help! The party attire is “cocktail,” though I’m sure attendees’ outfits will run the gamut of casual to formal.

    Option 1: Cream/iridescent sequined halter (bought this in the formal department of Dillards in high school and have never found a good reason or way to wear it, until now) with a black pencil skirt.

    Option 2: Deep purple, velvet vintage dress (from my October visit to My Sister’s Closet), accessorized with a flower brooch (from Hurs) and satin ribbon at the waist. I love the dress but feel that it would look a lot better if I had the top taken in a little to fit better. Should I save this dress until after I make alterations?

    Which of the below two outfits should I don to ring in the new year? I’m perplexed! (Leave a comment, or vote in the poll to the right of this post.)

    Up close of the brooch
    And for you Decaturites who don’t yet have plans, e-mail me at and I’ll tell you the details of a little shin-dig we’re putting together.
    Wishing you all happy and safe New Year’s Eves and fabulous starts to 2010,
    As of 10pm on New Year’s Eve eve, the combined votes (the poll, comments and e-mails from friends and colleagues) are…

    Option 1: 12
    Option 2: 6

    This may not be a close call afterall!

  3. Christmas Goodies: Dressing Up the Wardobe

    December 28, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    My family (including my “new” family in Dan’s fam) knows that I am pretty easy to please when it comes to clothes and accessories. I don’t have a particular style and am happy and excited to incorporate new things into my wardrobe.

    I got one of the biggest items on my wish list: a pair of saddle-colored, knee-high boots with a medium heel! My in-laws gifted me with one of the pairs on my November “Boot Envy” post… the gorgeous Arturo Chiangs from Not to mention Dan and I had a great time visiting his rents in Florida. :)

    Both black and brown have been marked down to $89.99 on Piper Lime (a steal). Note – since posting this, I’ve read several complaints on Piper Lime that these boots are not real leather – so buyer beware.)

    Wahoo! I am already brainstorming all the ways I can wear these boots. Like with this dress. Oh, and this one

    LOOVE this cream, wool cowl neck sweater my dad and stepmom snagged at The GAP. They know that from my high school days working there, I very much like GAP and its classic yet modern looks. What I love about this sweater is that I can dress it up (wear it to work with patterned pencil skirt) or dress it down (wear it with skinny jeans and my new brown boots).

    GAP cowl neck sweater, shown in heather grey (mine’s off-white/cream)

    My good friend Lauren always spoils me with super cute, super thoughtful gifts (often shoes, purses and accessories). This year, she gave me a cobalt blue, studded clutch that I am head over heels for. This color (which is actually similar to a scarf she gave me a few years ago) matches about everything in my closet. Love.

    Clutch by Urban Expressions (certified Vegan, btw). Link to Baghaus’ collection of reasonably-priced Urban Expression bags here.
    A Life Fulfilled hopes that all of your holidays were extra fantastic!

  4. More Sneak Peaks of My Christmas Shopping: Etsy

    December 22, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    For someone with a unique and fun sense of style and approach to life: owl luggage tags (tags by Wei’s Open Secret — he/she is out on vacation but should post some things in a few weeks)

    For someone who may appreciate a few more fun and funky necklaces in her collection: a copper and bead costume necklace (check out other items in Rhubarb Incident’s Etsy shop)

    For someone with tremendous team spirit: a monogrammed koozie (check out Polka Dots and Pinstripes’ shop here)

    Etsy has tons of great gift ideas for anyone and everyone. For Father’s Day this year, we bought cuff links from Etsy (post here). Fab Sugar has a great post up re: Etsy gift ideas. Check it out here.

  5. Hurs: Fab Place for Jewelry and Accessories

    December 15, 2009 by SavvyInTheCity

    I wish I could remember who originally pointed me to Hurs Wholesale Mart (5316 Buford Highway NE; Atlanta)… because I need to thank them.

    Hurs is a megastore of jewelry (costume and sterling), brooches, hats, scarves, handbags and other fun accessories. While you have to peruse the aisles rather carefully to sort out the kitsch from the fashionable, Hurs is a place you shouldn’t pass up. Their offerings are perfect for birthday treats, Christmas gifts, bridesmaid “thank yous”… and of course, beefing up your own accessories collection.

    First off, almost everything in the just ITP store is under $10 (save the sterling jewelry, tiaras, scepters and oversized bags, which really aren’t my thing anyway). And the variety is incredible! If your style is retro, funky, conservative, preppy, trendy, punk rock or whatever, this place has something for you.

    Some photos from our visit (note: I took more photos of the funky items, but there were plenty of fashion-forward and conservative items, too).

    One of the first things I spotted – a red, leather purse IDENTICAL to mine (except $18 less expensive).

    Wall to wall costume jewelry and other goodies.


    Those bib necklaces that are all the rage (I think these were $10/each).

    Awesome or sketch? You decide.

    Hair accessories.
    Felt hats: $20.
    Yeah, I’m not sure either…

    These necklaces have wacky grandma or freaky kindergarten teacher (or Julia?) written all over them.
    All in all, I spent a grand total of $103 but came home with the following:
    • Vintage-y looking brooch for my potential New Year’s Eve outfit
    • Two pairs of knit gloves (gifts)
    • An owl pendant necklace (gift)
    • Two knit headbands with fun knit flowers sewn on (one for me, one for a gift); I’ll have to post an outfit wearing this later — it’s so fun!
    • A jeweled evening bag/small purse (gift)
    • Two scarves (gifts)
    • Two white elephant gifts for a holiday party (guests of Ben and Becca’s annual Ugly Sweater Party, watch out)
    • A holly berry scarf to don for aforementioned holiday party
    • A colorful costume necklace (gift)

    Not bad, eh?

    Now that you all know where you’re going for your Atlanta costume jewelry and affordable fashion accessory needs, I know we can all sleep better tonight. :)

    – Katy

    Thank you, Miz Megan, for joining me for this field trip. I hope Mike likes his dapper gift.