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May, 2010

  1. Taking a Risk: <$50 Outfit Post

    May 28, 2010 by SavvyInTheCity

    Every time I wear white, I take a serious risk. I am the most coffee spilling, makeup smearing, accidental pen writing person that I know!
    I feel a little less nervous about ruining white clothing when I pay under $10 for it…

    • Orange/red lucite necklace: eBay ($8)… I always have fun searching “costume jewelry” on eBay
    • Black tank: Old Navy ($5)
    • Black elastic/art deco belt: Salvation Army from ~6 years ago ($2)
    • White lace skirt: Marietta, GA, Goodwill ($5)
    • Black buckle pumps: $20 Fitzwell (
    • TOTAL: $40
    Forgive the pumps — wore this to work today with a little 3/4 sleeve jacket over top.
    On a side note, I think my camera takes fine photos outside (like these) — but the indoor ones are awful. Can’t wait ’til I have a better camera! This is hint #4 or 5. 

  2. Afternoon Stroll Through Decatur: In Photos

    May 26, 2010 by SavvyInTheCity

    Brought my camera along for a typical weeknight walk to downtown and back…

  3. Social Media Preview: Fernbank’s Gecko Exhibit and Bugs IMAX Movie

    May 25, 2010 by SavvyInTheCity

    I love the idea of a social media preview. Bloggers get to check out something for free and in advance of the general public — and the restaurant/entertainer/bar/whatever generates some early buzz. I’ve been invited to a few sneak peaks and designer events but hadn’t yet felt excited enough to one.

    But, I felt excited about this little preview at Fernbank — so I RSVPed “yes” and invited my neighbor Vica to be my guest. So here I go with my take on Fernbank’s new features:
    We arrived around 5:30 to catch a few minutes of the Gecko exhibit before the IMAX film started. Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed in the exhibit. 
    We saw all kinds of geckos (maybe 20 species?) — ranging from bright green and tiny (think the GEICO gecko) to large and speckled. In some of the aquariums, it was incredibly challenging to spot the camouflaged geckos. 
    I intended to write more about the gecko exhibit… but I’m not feeling it. They were spotted, green, small, big, wrinkly, shiny, etc. One particular species was flat and thin and quite reminiscent of leaves. I even petted one that was quite cute (thank you for teaching me the proper two-finger gecko petting technique, Lynn). I think the husband would have enjoyed it much more than I did. He’s as giddy as a fourth grader when we go to the zoo. Vica enjoyed peering through the glass at the various species but wasn’t too keen on touching one. I’m sure this exhibit will be a hit with visiting kids. 
    I counted about 30 people in the IMAX movie. “BUGS: A Rain Forest Adventure” was narrated by Judi Dench (Vica called it right away!) and presented by… wait for it… wait for it… TERMINIX. Funny. :)
    BUGS is a non-fiction and follows a praying mantis and caterpillar through their [short] lives. It also features cameos from some horn beetles, stick bugs, ants, spiders and centipedes. The caterpillar grows from almost microscopic to chubby as she gnaws on leaves and prepares for her cocoon. Watching the praying mantes hatch from their egg was bizarre and magical all at once — like the teeny spiders emerging at the end of Charlotte’s Web but more alien-like. The rain forest setting reminds me a lot of the backdrop for Indiana Jones — and the music was part Pink Panther, part old Western. 
    I’m not gonna lie — the adult praying mantis is rather maniacal and intimidating. A few times I found myself holding my breath, waiting to see if he would spare a poor, unassuming insect within feelers’ reach. And while the caterpillar/butterfly transformation seems cliche, I still find the process mesmerizing and mystifying to watch. 
    Throughout the movie, we heard a lot of oohing and aahing from the kids behind us, and cheerful commentary (“Look at that cricket, Mama!”) In fact, I would say the kiddos are the prime audience for this particular flick. It has a simple plot and lots of eye candy. (I want to go back for Forces of Nature, perhaps for the more adult Martinis and IMAX event held every Friday night except for during the winter holiday season).
    I really expected to see more mommy bloggers, and a bigger turnout overall. My feeling is that Fernbank is still getting in the swing of these social media sneak peeks. Oh, and I’d recommend they serve food and drink next time (there’s little else that brings us bloggers out in force). Regardless, thank you for the invite, Fernbank!
    Geckos: Tails to Toepads opens on May 28.
    Tickets to Fernbank Museum of Natural History are $15 for adults and $13 for children 3 – 12 (IMAX tickets are $13 and $11).
    767 Clifton Road NE
    Atlanta, GA 30307
    But what’s most exciting about this post is that it marks my 500th post!!! Sure, that’s my 500th post between this blog and my other one — but I still think it’s worth celebrating! Thank you for being a reader of this blog!

  4. Lots of Decatur Mentions in Sunday Paper Reader’s Choice: 2010!!!

    May 19, 2010 by SavvyInTheCity

    (Pulled this from the fabulous Decatur Metro community blog)

    Sunday Paper Reader’s Choice 2010 – Decatur Edition
    May 19, 2010 10:23 am

    Sunday Paper just released their Reader’s Choice winners for 2010 and there are quite of few Decatur and Decatur-ish mentions! Here’s my summary. Let me know if I missed any!

    Food and Drink
    Best Pub Food – The Marley House (Runner Up: The Brick Store)
    Best Overall Bar & Best Beer Selection – Brick Store Pub
    Best Seafood – (Runner Up: Wahoo! Grill)
    Best Indian – Bhojanic
    Best Italian – Figo
    Best Irish Bar – (Runner Up: The Marley House)

    City Living
    Best ITP Neighborhood – Decatur
    Best Neighborhood to Raise Your Kids – Decatur
    Best Local College or University – Emory

    Best Place to Get a Massage – Natural Body

    Style and Shopping
    Best Jeweler – Worthmore Jewelers
    Best Antique Store – Kudzu Antiques
    Best CD Store – (Runner Up: Decatur CD)

    Arts & Entertainment
    Best Theater Company – Push Push Theater
    Best Open Mic Night – Eddie’s Attic
    Best Pool Hall – (Runner Up: Twain’s)

    (BTW – The Marley House? Is that supposed to be The Marlay?)

  5. A Classy Flea

    May 16, 2010 by SavvyInTheCity

    A Classy Flea” is just that — a thrift/consignment store with a slightly more upscale inventory.

    Not long before I changed jobs, I took a little field trip to the Mariettta, Georgia, shop with some colleagues. A Classy Flea carries a variety of furniture, mirrors, vases and other antiques. I was most interested in the furniture, which ranges from $30 to $400. I must say its strip mall store front is quite deceiving — don’t judge a book by its cover!

    This chair helped make a good first impression. Love the pattern of the upholstery.

    A Classy Flea is quite large inside; I would estimate about 2,500 square feet of furniture and other treasures.

    This antique parlor dresser is a little too art deco for my tastes — but it’s such a neat period piece and in very good condition.

    Wish I had a place for this wood filing cabinet!

    Super sweet twin bed headboard, footboard and mirror.

    Maybe we can get a bench like this for our back deck one day. Love.

    This table wouldn’t fit with our home, but I love the juxtaposition of the clean/cool marble and the rusted/painted iron. It’s modern and vintage all at the same time. $300 if I recall correctly.

    I especially liked the offerings in this booth (kind of an updated French country vibe).

    How cool is this vintage ice box? Beautiful. Wish I had a place for it in my kitchen or dining room.
    I made the mistake of having an “agenda” when we stopped by A Classy Flea. Unfortunatey for me, there were no night stands or rugs that fit with our new home. They’re constantly receiving new pieces — in fact, my former colleague Paul tells me he stops by the Flea almost every weekend to see what new inventory comes in. Regardless, even though there are several great furniture consignment/thrift stores near us in Decatur (Kudzu, Decatur Estate, etc.), I may actually make the trek to A Classy Flea few times a year because they have some great stuff (at very reasonable prices)!
    A Classy Flea
    1355 Roswell Road
    Marietta, GA 30062
    (for you fellow ITPers, A Classy Flea is about 15 miles up 75 from Georgia Tech)