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February, 2011

  1. Weekend Shoe Finds

    February 27, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity

    My in-laws visited this weekend, so my mother-in-law and I partook in a joint hobby while the boys were at a Super Cross (dirt bike) race: shopping the sale.

    While hunting for a well-priced handbag, I had the happy accident of being right by the Dillard's clearance shoe section. These babies caught my eye. About once a month for the past three or four months, I've been checking for $40-or-less booties on eBay and, only to be disappointed with what I saw. So when I turned this Lucky Brand  shoe over to see a $35.00 clearance sticker, my heart was aflutter. They're comfortable, stylish and constructed well (nice, soft leather). They didn't come with laces (sales guy said they aren't meant to have laces)… but I think they look naked without. What do you think – laces or no?

    Oh, and the rang up evan less than marked ($22 – originally $119) – oh lucky day! So wearing these to work tomorrow with funky tights (before the Georgia spring heat becomes overbearing).

    These aren't available at Dillard's anymore, but you can check out other Lucky Brand shoes here.


    Claire also brought me a bundle of early birthday goodies, including the shoes below. They're Simply Vera (Vera Wang for Kohl's). Style is called "Landry Peep-toe Platform heels (originally $74.99, now marked down to $36.99). The M.I.L. really knows my style. These shoes, as well as the other treats she brought (sweaters, chunky costume necklace, an evening cluctch), are so my style. I was spoiled this year!

    These shoes are actually very similar style-wise to a cheapy pair I picked up on eBay over a year ago… that I have… never worn (gasp!). Construction of el cheapies was not good, and they weren't comfortable, yet I felt bad tossing them into the Goodwill pile. Now I can. Be gone! The Simply Vera replacements seem to be comfortable and well-made (though similarly to my eBay throw-aways, "vegan leather," aka man-made materials).

    I love shoes, but thankfully not as much as this girl.

  2. Dunwoody Lunch Awesomeness: Greek-Style

    February 25, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity

    I really enjoy my colleague Kami for a lot of reasons. She's silly, she's real, our backgrounds are similar professionally…

    and she is also an adventurous eater!

    It'd been a while since Kami and I lunched, so we decided to go big. I asked Kami what she was in the mood for. It seemed to be an easy decision; since it's not her husband's fave cuisine and she doesn't get to eat it often: GREEK!

    Operation: get us to the Greek. Unfamiliar with Greek options in Dunwoody, I did a quick google search. Aladdin's Mediterranean Grill off Roswell Road popped up right away. Reviews such as "I go there for lunch at least once a week. The Service is Fast and Friendly. The food is made fresh and taste so good. I love the Chicken Shwarma Sandwich with the hummus and Tabouleh. The price is Awesome. Everyone in my office is now going there for lunch" and "Terrific shwarma, esp. chicken. Flavorful dolmas. Everything is housemade and fresh. Friendly and attentive service even though you'll order at the counter and take a seat. Great lunch" from Urban Spoon were speaking my language. Four out of five stars on the Google reviews? My interest was piqued!


    It was a done deal; to Aladdin's we went.

    I asked the cashier what a newby should order. He was quick to respond: "we're famous for our shwarma" (thin-sliced, marinated chicken) and kofta (sausage-link-looking beef and lamb). So I ordered the kofta kabob platter (served with hummus, Jerusalem salad and rice: $10). A manager or owner stepped up as Kami was ordering. She said she wanted to order the vegetarian delight ($11 for generous portions of grape leaves, Hummus, baba ghanouj, falafel and tabouleh), and wondered what it was like. "Vegetarian delight is our signature dish," piped up the manager/owner dude. I asked due who he considered to be their main competition in town. "Nobody," he replied with a quickness.

    Famous for the thing I ordered, and signature dish for the platter Kami ordered? Sales pitch or legit? Better than Mediterranean Grill in Decatur, or Al's Cafe Agora in Buckhead? We had a to wait a few minutes to find out. Tall order, my friend!

    Kami's plate was teeming with tabouleh (salad made of parsley, bulgar, tomato, onion, mint and other spices), hummus, Jerusalem salad (tomatoes, cucumbers in a tangy/creamy sesame dressing), falafel and more. I tasted the falafel… definitely delicious but more fragrant/herby/strong than your run-of-the-mill falafel. My kofta was tender, just a tiny bit gamey (perfect amount) and rich. Pita bread was fresh and soft. When I got hummus on my fingers, I debated eating my fingers – that good. Being professional gals didn't stop us from doing a little grunting, oooohing and ahhhhing over our Greek cuisine. Do us a favor if you go, try the tabouleh with the hummus on a pita – divine!

    The final verdict. While a bit north of the office (12-15 minute drive), this place is worth the commute. Creamy and dreamy hummus, insane portions, fresh flavors with a middle eastern and Jewish patronage… sign me up! I'll be back, and I think Kami will be, too.

    The ambiance is decent (strip mall, almost Greek-style-cafeteria). Great lunch spot.

    Aladdin's Meditteranean Grill

    8725 Roswell Road #1, Sandy Springs
    (770) 518-9288

  3. Final Photography Class: My Photos

    February 22, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity

    Tonight is my last photography class at Showcase School of Photography (off Cheshire Bridge in Midtown Atlanta). I took the Photography 101 class ($160 for 6 classes that are an hour and 45 minutes long each).

    For our final homework assignment, we were asked to bring in six to eight of our favorite photos, preferably ones we've taken since we started our class. Here's what I'm going to bring in:



    It's been fun to learn about how to control color temperature (how to keep your photos from being blue-ish or orange-ish), aperture (shallow or long depth of field, or somewhere in between), shutter speed (how much light you let into your photos or how to capture things in motion) and more. I didn't totally grasp metering modes but I think I will with more practice. One downside: to the class Now I want to buy some of the fancy gear (external flashes, lenses, etc.) that my instructor showed us!

    While my instructor (Ryan Nabulsi) was a tad disengaged or apathetic at times, I chalked it up to him being tired after a day of teaching idiots like me how to use a camera. Overall I enjoyed Ryan's laid-back style and no BS approach. I definitely recommend the class for new DSLR owners who want to learn how to best use their equipment (just say no to automatic mode!).

    I would like to take the next class (Photography 102) before I forget anything!

    Showcase Photography School
    1135 Sheridan Rd, Atlanta, GA 30324

    (My classes were from 8:15 to 10pm, but many other time slots are also available)

  4. Home Improvement

    February 22, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity

    Sometimes I post home improvement projects on my other blog (Katy Streams Her Consciousness). One day I might merge those kinds of posts over here on Savvy in the City… but for now, if you wanna check out our projects, go here.

  5. Great News for Decatur

    February 21, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity



    Have you been to Iberian Pig in Decatur? What did you think? (see the Yelp reviews here)