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April, 2012

  1. 6 Things I’m Loving This Spring

    April 14, 2012 by SavvyInTheCity


    It's warming up in Atlanta! Even though our winter was pretty mild, the warm temps and sunny skies have given the city a whole new feel.

    Here's what I'm loving so far this Spring:

    1. Kroger brand self-tanning lotion. It's like the Jergens kind ($9.00-ish) but is $4.00 at Kroger! Lord knows I need a little help to get these limbs un-pasty. The self-tanner is really discrete. As long as you follow the instructions and only use every three days or so, you'll find yourself slightly glowing and not orange at all. (By the way, I found this excellent review of nine different self-tanning lotions on the blog "Yes They're Fake." The post is a few years old but I would imagine the results are still pretty timeless. She gives the Kroger lotion five stars for a daily tanner/moisturizer.)

    2. Flexible tennis (e.g., T2 Tennis or Ultimate Tennis). I did a whole post about these leagues here. The gist of it is that you can play competitive tennis… and make it work for your schedule. I'm 5-1 in my singles league right now, and Dan and I are 4-1 in mixed doubles so far (and yes, somehow our marriage is still in tact). Whether you're a beginner or super advanced, there are tons of options for playing tennis in Atlanta (note: these leagues are available in several other cities as well).

    3. Our new screened in porch floor! Dan took our old, janky screened in porch's flooring down to the joists then worked alongside a contractor to install Brazilian hardwoods. To say it was a labor of love is an understatement. I think I love Dan just a little more for knocking out this project. Luxurious green synthetic flooring be gone! This porch will be the location of many dinners, morning cups of coffee and post-work beers while the weather is nice. (We bought the tongue-and-groove hardwoods and installation materials at BW Depot on Buford Highway in Atlanta.)

    Before (yeah, seriously, the previous owners laid astro turf back there…)

    4. Wearing brights. Allegedly big, bold colors are the thing for spring. Kelly green, royal blue, fuchsia, bright/coral orange. You get the picture. I like following the trends but don't like paying an arm and a leg keep up. Lucky for me, many retailers are offering affordable options in brights, neons and other loud hues.

    Now that I think about it, my jeans are shockingly similar in color to that astro turf… regardless, I think these green jeans are the best $12 I've spent this season (Ross Dress for Less – Edgewood/Little Five location).

    Target Mossimo Platform Sandals – $30. Fun/funky, fairly priced and cobalt!

    5. Hipster rock dance music. No, that's not an official genre — but it is how I describe the tunes I'm enjoying right now. They're dance-y, eclectic, upbeat and fun. When I turn them up on my iPod in the car, I find myself smiling, tapping the steering wheel and shimmying in my seat. Specifically I'm digging Midnight City, MGMT and Naked and Famous. Check out the videos below:

    Naked and Famous – Punching in a Dream

    MGMT – Kids

    M83 – Midnight City

    6. IMDB's "watchlist." The Internet Movie Database website and app offer a cool feature that allows you to keep a list of movies you eventually want to watch. When you look up a movie (whether it's not yet filmed, in theater or out on DVD), you can press "add to watch list" and bam! just like that, add it to your handy little reference list. (I can't wait for the Dark Knight Rises movie to come out this summer!)

    What are you digging this spring?

    (p.s. I feel like I totally ripped off the style of "Etc. in the ATL" with this post. Ashley – imitation is the best form of flattery?)