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In-home Parties: Stella and Dot

March 15, 2012 by SavvyInTheCity


Today I'm wearing a new-ish cocktail ring for the second day in a row.

I love this thing. It's faux gold and crystals, goes with black or brown (the stone is a brown/amber color) and the prongs are claws! So ridiculous and obnoxious that I love it.

Where did I pick up all this bling? I snagged this bauble at a Stella & Dot trunk show a coworker of mine hosted last month. I'd been invited to a few S&D parties before but hadn't given in. Especially since this was an opportunity to get to know a colleague better, I bit the bullet.

I knew before I walked in the door that I would want to buy something or feel like I should buy something. I told myself I would try to spend less than $35. That's how it usually goes with me and in-home parties. I don't go to many but know that when I do, I'm going to want to buy something.

In the end I spent about $56 on this ring, but i like it very much. You can snag Stella & Dot earrings for less – or maybe a clearance ring, but the necklaces will run you much more. While it's not inexpensive by any stretch, Stella & Dot's stuff is actually very cute. And I have to give to the company for really putting thoughtful, classy and creative touches into everything they do (even down to the packaging your jewelry arrives in).

How do you feel about in-home parties? (Think Passion Parties, Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, Avon, Willow House, etc.). Great way to socialize and purchase some cool stuff – or not your scene?


  1. Ashley says:

    I LOVE S&D! I bought some silver stackable rings I wear just about everyday! Def a great purchase! What a fun ring :-)

  2. I have several friends that sell for Stella and Dot. They have some cute pieces but most aren't my style. The statement pieces are too big for me but great on someone that can carry it off. Overall, I think it's cute but similar to what's already out there. I like artsy, original jewelry but that's my personal style. I do think the packaging is very cute though :).

    • SavvyInTheCity says:

      Hi Janette! Artsy, original, interesting jewelry is so fun as well — if you ever have any recommendations on vendors or where to shop, I’d love to hear!

  3. Tambryn says:

    A friend's mom locally here in Atlanta makes and sells jewelry.  She is extremely talented with a lot of variety and she uses real gems.  To top it off, she's got low prices!  I'd say about 1/3 of my jewelry is from here.  You can check her out at
    She lives in Midtown and is always happy to make something custom.  I love her work so much that I asked her to make custom pieces for my bridesmaids and me for my wedding last year.

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