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  1. Take Two: Zenni Optical Shades

    October 14, 2010 by SavvyInTheCity

    After my eyeglasses faux pas a few weeks ago, I decided to try again to order my prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical. (Find the Zenni Optical Web site here).
    While I’m happy with the tinted shades, I have to admit I kind of like the untinted glasses better. Overall though, for $20, I’m a happy (and no-longer-squinting-in-the-sunlight) girl. Plus, the not totally opaque amber lenses feel vintagey to me.

    (As a reminder, here are the same frames, sans tinted lenses).

  2. Two Weeks of Fun Fridays: Fun Frames & Knits

    November 26, 2013 by SavvyInTheCity


    The ladies of* decided we would keep up the fun and have another Fun Fashion Friday theme.


    Two weeks ago we opted for a "Fun Frames Friday" vibe.


    I picked up these funky frames a few years ago from online discount eyewear super store Zenni Opitcal (that's me on the far right). Mike and La pulled theirs from the video prduction team's prop closet. Ha!

    This past Friday it was knit wear. I'd say we had a pretty good sampling… scarves, vests, a cape, cardigan, etc. Another boy even participated inadvertently!



    So what do you think we should do next? Vote it up… and feel free to participate long distance and share your pictures!

    UPDATE (Wednesday, December 4)! If you want to participate from afar, the winning theme for Friday is ANIMAL PRINT! Rrrar!

    *The views expressed via my blog are my own and are by no means the opinions of my employer. This blog is unaffiliated with my day job.

  3. Can’t Stop Wearing My New Specs (and Reader Promo Code for You!)

    September 27, 2012 by SavvyInTheCity


    A few weeks ago I was contacted by with the offer to review their glasses*. The online perscription glasses vendor asked me not just to review the glasses themselves, but the whole ordering/customer service process.

    I’ve been committed to only reviewing products that fit with my blogs content — so considering that I’ve been a regular unpaid reviewer of Zenni Optical’s eyeglasses, it seemed appropriate that I accept this mission.

    How it works: GlassesUSA allows you to shop by many attributes including frame type, style, material or shape. Unlike Zenni, GlassesUSA offers a variety of name brand/designer frames. I definitely spent some time oggling over the creations of Tom Ford, GUESS, Lacoste and Kenneth Cole. (For perspective, Kenneth Coles on ranged from $99 to $140, which is a good chunk less than one would pay at, say, your neighborhood brick and mortar shop (e.g., Lens Crafters). These really reasonable prices include basic lenses.

    The site also has a huge number of non-branded, trendy and classic glasses — meaning there’s a really solid number of choices. 


  4. Aviators! (Affordable Sunnies)

    October 6, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity


    It's a surreal day.

    I'm writing this post from my Mac notebook computer. I can't believe we've lost the innovator, software genius and technology mastermind behind Apple. He helped create thousands of devices, computers, apps and more. It's hard to believe the man was only 56 years old. He revolutionized the way we live and work… even down to the way I blog… RIP, Mr. Jobs.

    Well, before I found out the sad news about Apple's founder, I decided I wanted to tell you guys about my new sunglasses.

    Trivial, I know, but sometimes a good deal can at least cheer me up a little.

    I'd been in the mood for a new pair of sunnies for quite sometime. Unfortunately for me, I can't just buy any sunglasses. I've been a prescription lenses wearer for distance vision for about the last three years, which means I can't wear any just ole sunglasses. For driving, sight seeing, etc… I need to see, and that means I need prescription sunglasses.

    Good news for me (and maybe for you?): Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical is a reliable/affordable-probably-made-in-China-kind-of-resource for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. It's pretty much the bomb. (See my previous posts about Zenni Optical glasses here.) I'm talking these sunglasses-cost-me-$22-kind-of-sunglasses.

    Anyhoo, these thingamajigs really did only cost me $22, which included the frames, tinting, anti-reflective coating and shipping*. Tell me that's not a great deal! Some of the glasses are even a good chunk less expensive than that.

    Check out traditional, funky, fashion and sunglass frames at Here are a few looks from their site:

    (and they have dude glasses, too, btw)

    *Zenni glasses are the bomb… but they do take about 3 weeks to be manufactured, shipped and delivered.


  5. Tres Thrifted

    September 12, 2011 by SavvyInTheCity


    I've heard some style bloggers advise against wearing too many thrifted pieces at once. I really think that applies to over-the-top funky or vintage pieces (to keep from looking like you're dressing in costume). If your clothing items are current and no one knows they're thrifted, who cares?

    I found this F21 bow-tie blouse and seafoam green GAP chinos/khakis/whatever-you-want-to-call-them at the Buford Highway Goodwill two weekends ago. My jacket is actually from the very same Goodwill (it's the best in my opinion) but is a find from nearly two years ago.

    If you care, shoes are Steve Madden via eBay and the glasses are perscription but are from Zenni Optical.